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Humanity is Facing an Unprecedented Crisis

Algenesis is on a mission to help the planet recover from the pollution caused by products made from fossil fuels.

Rethinking Materials Innovation and Investment Summit

We're pleased to announce that Soleic by Algenesis will be showcased at the Rethinking Materials event in London in May. We will be attending and showcasing our plant-based and biodegradable Soleic urethane foam and TPU technology. We will have examples of our BlueView footwear, plus other shoe components - Insoles, midsoles, cupsoles and outsoles. We will also have TPU coated technical textile samples from Trelleborg Engineering Coated Fabric and molded TPU phone cases from Rhinoshield.

Please connect with us if you have an application where our Soleic technology can help eliminate plastic waste and microplastics, or would just like to learn more.

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Algenesis x Trelleborg

Algenesis, a leading bio materials company, partners with Trelleborg to create coated fabrics using Sustainable Polyurethanes!

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an Algenesis owned brand, is officially taking online orders.

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Our Scientists Redesigned Plastic Materials to Harmonize With Nature

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Soleic™ Technology
for Arctic Foam Surfboards

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